Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trainer Recommendations -- Rex Peterson & Cari Swanson

I asked readers of the Horse Lovers of the Business World Group on Linkedin to recommend trainers who might not have a national following. Diana Murphy responded with this very strong recommendation for Rex Peterson and Cari Swanson. Diana's filly, Belladora, is pictured here.

Rex Peterson & Cari Swanson are the best team when it comes to clinics, training, starting young horses and "fixing" problem horses. Some may recognize Rex Peterson as the Hollywood Horse Trainer, having trained numerous stunt/movie horses for well known movies including: Black Beauty, The Horse Whisperer, Hidalgo, Flicka, Dreamer, Appaloosa, All the Pretty Horses, The Ring, The Patriot, Buddy, Crazy Horse, Far and Away, Sylvester, Three Amigos, Runaway Bride and The Black Stallion. He has been interviewed in numerous magazines and film. What most people don't know is that this exceptional trainer team, previously only available in Dutchess County, NY, is now available for clinics and actually travels throughout the US - helping "regular" people with their horses.

Speaking from personal experience, Rex started a strong/hot unbroke filly for me in 2007. This filly had no trouble rearing straight up and staying up, but that's not what we wanted in a riding horse. After only 3 days with Rex, she was started under saddle and has never reared with a rider thanks to Rex's immediate correction in the round pen. She has since developed into awesome and very safe athlete at 5-years old. And this year, Rex started another unbroke filly, who began to develop a fresh attitude as she turned 3 in 2009. I decided to keep my filly in the program with Cari Swanson and just over 3 months later, she took 1st place at her first show which was a large show (NEDA Fall Festival at HITS in Saugerties, NY) and then went on to take 2nd place (missing the win by a mere tenth of a %) at Dressage at Devon in PA (the show of all shows on the east coast). Absolutely incredible results by this team of professionals. For info, visit their website: or call Cari to set up a clinic at 914.456.3155.

I cannot stress how incredible my experiences have been with Rex & Cari. I have a 2-year old who will be started next year and I wouldn't think of having anyone else start and train him.